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As an osteopath I am equipped to help you get better as quickly as possible from the everyday aches and pains which can make life unpleasant, to more serious pain which can make life almost unbearable.

Whether you have hurt your back lifting or have been told by a doctor you have ‘wear and tear’, I can help relieve the pain. Some conditions, while not curable in the conventional sense, will be relieved by osteopathic treatment. At the same time, some which may have lingered for ages, even years, can be readily relieved by osteopathic treatment.

Whatever your musclo-skeletal problem may be, osteopathy can help. Not just backs, we treat all parts of the body.

I also specialise in treating babies and young children using cranial osteopathy and other techniques. Babies suffering from Colic respond well to cranial osteopathy. Cranial is also useful in the treatment of babies born via caesarean or ventouse delivery whose heads may not be the correct shape. I also treat all the routine musclo-skeletal problems associated with pregnancy and childbirth, in other words I can treat mother and baby.

I have a comfortable and peaceful ground floor treatment area based in my family home in Forest Drive, Kingswood. There is off street parking on the drive right outside the door. Please drive up through the white gate and park either side of the french windows on your right.


The treatment area is through the french windows. If needed there are toilet facilities and refreshments available for patients on arrival. My aim is for you to be as comfortable and relaxed as you can be, allowing for the fact you are in pain, that way we can work together to give you the best treatment possible.

Unlike many practitioners I don’t charge extra for new patients. I charge a flat rate per treatment for everyone.

An average treatment lasts from around 40 to 50 minutes. Occasionally it may be necessary to book longer treatments or even shorter ones. If necessary I will discuss this with you at the first treatment. I’m not watching the clock, you will get the treatment you need, rather than what can be crammed in.

As an osteopath I have no preset idea of how many treatments you will need. Some people will only need one, others may need weekly treatment, I will discuss this with you at the time.

(My wife Anne Batcheler is a Reflexologist working from the same address and can be contacted on or 01737 833 685.)